World of Warcraft regional semifinal to be held in Taipei

The regional semifinal in a World of Warcraft competition will be held Aug. 1 at the Syntrend Creative Park in Taipei, the event’s organizer Blizzard Entertainment said Monday.

Four teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau which went through the preliminary rounds in April and May will fight it out under an elimination system in which the teams that score two wins in a three-game match will enter the final, while those that lose two matches will be eliminated.

The champion and runner-up teams will be awarded NT$30,000 (US$950) and NT$18,000 (US$570), respectively, and become eligible to take part in the Asia-Pacific tournament.

The winner of the Asia-Pacific tournament will in turn gain a berth in the World Championship of BlizzCon 2015, which will be held in November in California. -wow gold online