World of Warcraft Movie Goers Will Get Exclusive Gameplay Bundles

One of the biggest network game “World Of Warcraft” has always had one of the biggest gamer following, it has reached numerous milestones in its lifetime of running, and numerous updates have been given to the game to satiate the every growing player of “World Of Warcraft”. Now that there will be a movie adaptation of the hugely successful “World Of Warcraft”, game developer Blizzard will seemingly ride the wave of the success of the movie.

A forum on Reddit was stirred up when one user posted a screenshot of what seems to be a survey from Blizzard that shows how the developers are considering to offer an exclusive gameplay bundle of “World Of Warcraft”, called “The World Of Warcraft: Ultimate Movie Edition”. Now, Blizzard will not be the first to cash in on a potentially successful material release but it did not seem of Blizzard to do so.

The legitimacy of the screenshot was confirmed by one of the members of Blizzard Customer support who dropped by on the “World Of Warcraft” forum. Other than the news of exclusive game bundles, there have been also new expansions in the game.

Other expansions in “World Of Warcraft” are “Burning Crusade”, “Cataclysm”, “Mists of Pandaria”, and “Warlords of Draenor”. Bad news is the new expansion in the “World Of Warcraft: Legion” will not be included in “The World Of Warcraft: Ultimate Movie Edition”.