World of Warcraft Hotfix Makes Shipyard Missions Less Painful

One of the big features of WoW’s patch 6.2 was the Garrison Shipyard, a place where we can send our crew on various daily missions and build up our fleet. It was supposed to be one of the many activities people can do till the next expansion drops. But because of weak rewards, no one’s really using it.

And weak rewards aren’t the only issues with the Shipyard. Players can easily lose their ships, even when the mission success rate is around 80-90%, and even with a superb fleet most of the mission rewards are just experience points… for the ships. That’s the last thing people need when they have a maxed out fleet. Also, some of the rare missions are so rare they just won’t appear on the map.

But now, it’s time to start using the Shipyard again! With a small hotfix (meaning it’s not a patch, just a small update that’ll go live whenever Blizzard feels it’s ready), things will finally change.

That’s a huge boost to the Shipyard. Not sure if it’ll be enough till Legion’s release but certainly worth setting up a nice indestructible fleet.   buy cheap wow gold