WildStar-Powerleveling Through Battlegrounds

Buy cheap wildstar gold  WildStar offers multiple ways to advance your level and work your way to the top, one of which is through PvP, with battlegrounds opening up at level 6. And while games differ on how effective battlegrounds are in terms of leveling up quickly, WildStar has really done things right, making PvP not only viable, but on par with PvE content, effectively fostering a system where you really do have a choice. Let’s take a look at what helps make it tick, and what to expect-especially from a low-level standpoint.

A great thing about PvP is that you gain experience from both kills themselves and from finishing the match. Along with this, you get credit for all kills-not just those that you helped out with. While there aren’t a lot of kills in a given match, they do grant a lot of experience. Some at level 13, for example, can grant 2% or more, with the average being around 1%.

An issue present in a lot of games is that if you level only through PvP, you end up being at a disadvantage gear-wise when compared to others that spend their time doing quests and farming items. With WildStar, there are PvP-specific vendors all over that sell everything from gear, to add-ons, and even consumables.

The downside of all of this is that PvP can get a little monotonous. The matches are pretty similar because of one big pitfall: killing players takes a long time. As a direct example of this, a fresh level 6 player can have the entire enemy team pounding on them (10v1) and still live through 30-60 seconds of this beating before finally dying. In smaller skirmishes, it’s not at all uncommon for a battle to last multiple minutes before anyone dies, leading to what sometimes feels like a battle of futility.

The final aspect here is that you end up trading leveling speed in return for a lack of lore. PvP is just what it is-players fighting amongst each other. Each of the zones within WildStar have their own stories, NPCs with various quests that each help add some more life to the game, and dungeons to enter. For players that are wanting to experience the game as they progress, seeing everything it has to offer, this is a bad route to take for a first character. On the other hand, it’s possible to level up through PvP quickly, then go back and do any content you missed out on, though this defeats the purpose of trying to level fast to begin with (since you would otherwise level while progressing through content regardless).