‘WildStar’ Now Testing Free-To-Play Features In Closed Beta Test

With WildStar transferring to a free-to-play model later this year, it is time for the new features of the game to be tested. The upcoming free-to-play features are now being tested in the game’s closed beta. Players with an existing WildStar account that have signed up to participate are eligible to test the content; however, not all will be admitted.

Currently, only active subscribers to WildStar can test the upcoming free-to-play changes in the closed beta. Carbine Studios will later open up the beta to more players including those that have “little to no experience with WildStar” to reach a bigger, more diverse sampling of those interested in the game. Interested players need to check out the summary of features expected to be presented during the closed beta on the official forums for more information.

Players will be able to instantly level up within the closed beta to test a multitude of features. A special vendor will also be available that offers players AMPs and high-level weapons and armor. Existing WildStar characters can also be copied to the closed beta test for those willing to test things with their characters and their items.

When WildStar transitions into being a free-to-play game, anyone will be able to download and play without spending any money. An optional subscription will still be available that will be called Signature service. Players that play the game for free are considered Free members while those that subscribe will be known as Signature players.

WildStar released in June 2014, and the free-to-play announcement was made in May 2015. Will its transition to being a free-to-play influence you to play?        Best wildstar gold onine