WildStar is Getting a Class Stat System Overhaul

Carbine Studios, the makers of WildStar, have announced a new effort called Class Stat Refactoring for the game’s upcoming free-to-play transition.

In efforts to make player stats feel more rewarding and intuitive, the developer is improving the overall clarity and consistency of stats in the game to make sure they feel both balanced and fun.

As a result of their stat system overhaul, the game will see the implementation of a new and improved stats system that’s easier to pick up and understand for new players, while offering improved control and specialization options for veterans.

The game’s lead combat designer Stephen Engle goes into great detail about the player stat changes in a blog post.

When the free-to-play update goes live soon, there will be a total of six core stats, each of which serves a purpose to every class. Secondary stats will also be available for experienced players to figure out, allowing for more customization and control over individual playstyles than players have seen before. -Cheap Wildstar Gold Online