Taipei to Host World of Warcraft Regional Semifinals

World of Warcraft gamers and fans are bound to crowd the regional semifinals of the World of Warcraft competition to be held Aug. 1 at the Syntrend Creative Park in Taipei, Blizzard Entertainment, the event’s organizer, said on Monday.

In June 2015, World of Warcraft had been chosen as one of the pioneer inductees for the new Video Game Hall of Fame (HOF). Other inductees consist of classic video games, such as Doom, Pong, Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, as well as the first version of the famous Facebook game Tetris Battle.

With an estimated 7.1 million active gamers of World of Warcraft (as of May 2015), the contest has become more aggressive among players around the globe.

The competition started in April where preliminary rounds were held. Four teams from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan were able to break through the preliminary challenge and are set to battle each other head-on in an elimination system.

The teams must obtain a score of two wins in a consecutive three-game match in order to enter the finals. Teams with two loses in the semifinals will automatically be eliminated.

The prize of NT$30,000 ($950) will go to the champion team, while the runner-up team will receive NT$18,000 ($570). These teams will become qualified to join the Asia-Pacific tournament.

As the ladder goes up, the champion of the Asia-Pacific tournament will in turn get the chance to take part in the World Championship of BlizzCon 2015, set to be held in California in November this year.  Best site for wow gold