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World of Warcraft Movie Goers Will Get Exclusive Gameplay Bundles

One of the biggest network game “World Of Warcraft” has always had one of the biggest gamer following, it has reached numerous milestones in its lifetime of running, and numerous updates have been given to the game to satiate the every growing player of “World Of Warcraft”. Now that there will be a movie adaptation of the hugely successful “World Of Warcraft”, game developer Blizzard will seemingly ride the wave of the success of the movie.

A forum on Reddit was stirred up when one user posted a screenshot of what seems to be a survey from Blizzard that shows how the developers are considering to offer an exclusive gameplay bundle of “World Of Warcraft”, called “The World Of Warcraft: Ultimate Movie Edition”. Now, Blizzard will not be the first to cash in on a potentially successful material release but it did not seem of Blizzard to do so.

The legitimacy of the screenshot was confirmed by one of the members of Blizzard Customer support who dropped by on the “World Of Warcraft” forum. Other than the news of exclusive game bundles, there have been also new expansions in the game.

Other expansions in “World Of Warcraft” are “Burning Crusade”, “Cataclysm”, “Mists of Pandaria”, and “Warlords of Draenor”. Bad news is the new expansion in the “World Of Warcraft: Legion” will not be included in “The World Of Warcraft: Ultimate Movie Edition”.

Release Date of World of Warcraft: Legion Set This 2016

World of Warcraft: Legion’s new alpha build seems to be doing fine as Suramar, a new zone in the Broken Isles, though still in early development is looking terrific.

A simpler version of Suramar can be seen in “WarCraft III,” which is the home of the Kaldorei. The place seems to be a mix of Eversong Woods, the Howling Fjord and Draenor’s Shadowmoon Valley.

Testing for upcoming new content for the game continues, which includes a new build deployment on the alpha client.

New models, items, artifact weapons and updated class abilities are part of the latest patch and a plethora of tome items, a unicorn model and spider mount that is highly detailed are all part of the upcoming content.

“World of Warcraft: Legion” has a level cap of 110 and testers who have access to the client, can now reach level 108.

Blizzard’s official post about the “Legion” alpha test, shows three class specializations and three new dungeons are now available for testing. These are Violet Hold, Vault of the Wardens and Neltharion’s Lair.

Players may also test new changes to Subtlety Rogues, Arms Warriors and Restoration Shamans.

Rob Kazinsky: I was a Fat and Happy with My Video Games

Rob Kazinsky was “fat” but “deliriously happy” when he played computer games for a living.

The ‘Second Chance’ actor – who rose to fame on British soap ‘EastEnders’ before finding success in Hollywood in the Fox series – is set to star in the movie adaptation of the popular game ‘World of Warcraft’ but revealed he used to get paid to play the game and had never been happier.

He said: “It was the happiest (job), I’ll tell you that. All I did was sit down in my underwear, order food in and play computer games for 18 hours and get fat and I was deliriously happy while doing it.”

Nowadays the 32-year-old heartthrob is too busy with acting to keep his old job up and has a string of movie credits to his name – including movies ‘Pacific Rim’ and ‘Hot Pursuit’ alongside Hollywood starlets Sofía Vergara and Reece Witherspoon.

However, he confessed that old habits die hard and still finds time to fit in a few hours of game-play here and there.

Rob told People: “I still play… I played it professionally for a long time. It was my job 18 hours a day to play that game at one point.”

PVP in World of Warcraft Has New Leveling System

When Legion comes to the World of Warcraft, players will no longer use Honor and Conquest as PvP currencies. Instead, the entire PvP structure is being revamped with a new leveling system, new PvP talents, and quicker PvP seasons. At max level, players will be able to level their Honor Level by competing in battlegrounds and arenas. Raising the level lets players unlock new talents while earning gold and Artifact weapon power.

Under the new system, players have 50 Honor Levels to earn. As the player’s Honor Level increases, they can unlock new PvP-specific talents like the Wild Protector talent for Beast Mastery Hunters. This talent lets the Hunter’s Dire Beasts protect nearby allies with a 15 percent damage reduction to those within five yards of the pets. Honor talents are only active while a character is engaged in PvP content according to Battle.net, and these talents will function in addition to the player’s PvE talents.

PvP gear in World of Warcraft’s new Honor system will also be different. Gear will not directly affect players in PvP with them instead benefiting from “pre-determined set of stats” based on the player’s class and specialization. A small modifier based on the player’s item level will contribute to the player’s power, however. Instead of a 25 percent difference in power between players whose item level deviates by 25 item levels today, only a 2.5 percent difference will be in effect under the new system. PvP gear still exists, as WoWhead pointed out with the Vindictive PvP gear showing up in the popular database.

Additionally, seasons will be shorter and more frequent in Legion since there is less of a discrepancy between a player in the beginning of the season versus the end. After all, gear will not be an issues, and a player’s personal Honor Level is theirs to maintain as they see fit.

Legion is expected to release during the summer of 2016 with launch ensured “on or before September 21.” The sixth expansion to World of Warcraft can be pre-purchased now, guaranteeing early access to the Demon Hunter as well as immediately unlocking any digital goods included in the purchase. For example, players that purchase the Digital Deluxe edition of Legion will instantly unlock the Illidari Felstalker mount and the battle pet companion, Nibbles. A few other unlocks for other Blizzard games are also part of the Digital Deluxe edition of Legion.  buy cheap wow gold

World of Warcraft subscriber numbers hit nine-year low on the eve of new expansion revealS

Some World of Warcraft fans were surprised to find out that Blizzard is already announcing a new expansion when the latest, Warlords of Draenor, just hit last year. But new numbers released today as part of Activision’s second quarter 2015 financial results may explain why the developer is rushing into what’s next.

According to the press release from Activision, World of Warcraft is at 5.6 million subscribers as of the end of the second quarter, which is June 30, 2015. The press release stresses that the game’s latest update, “Fury of Hellfire,” just arrived on June 23 and “helped stabilize the subscriber number towards the end of the quarter.”

In a call to investors, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime noted that the Warlords of Draenor expansion brought more returning players to the game than any previously. He said the company is focused on increasing the pace of content to help retain players, and also that he believes next year’s World of Warcraft movie may help bring in new players.

World of Warcraft’s subscription numbers dropped as low as 6.8 million during the Mists of Pandaria expansion, but the company has not reported numbers as low as 5.6 million since 2005, just one year after World of Warcraft released.

Blizzard recently added in the ability for players to pay for their monthly fee using “WoW Tokens” rather than real money. Presumably these numbers are included in World of Warcraft’s overall subscriber numbers.

World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion will be announced on Thursday, and Polygon will be reporting on the news as it hits.       Sell cheap wow gold online

World of Warcraft’s PvP Is Getting a Big Change

Doing all the Tanaan Jungle dailies and raiding Hellfire Citadel are pretty fun in Warlords of Draenor, but even after patch 6.2, there’s one thing that’s just not shaping up as intended: the large PvP island Ashran. In an upcoming patch, a new feature called “Mercenary Mode” that allows players to join the battle for the opposite faction. It might shake things up a bit.

This is actually really good news. PvP is still fun in World of Warcraft, but some maps feel a bit broken, abandoned or unbalanced. There are more than a dozen PvP battlegrounds in the game, so it’s not that surprising. However, Ashran, the big new max level zone with really cool level 100 rewards, is one of them. People usually have to wait an hour or so to get in, and when they’re finally there, the battle is so unbalanced that it just doesn’t worth the wait. Ashran got a few tweaks in patch 6.2, but the queue is still huge. So a change like this might be pretty cool.

Here’s what Blizzard shared about this new feature and how it’ll work:

In an upcoming patch, we’ll be adding a feature that allows you to act as a mercenary for the opposite faction in PvP. Whenever your faction is experiencing a long wait time to get into Ashran or unrated Battlegrounds, agents of the enemy faction will appear in your base in Ashran (Stormshield for the Alliance, Warspear for the Horde). These agents will allow you to enter Ashran or Battlegrounds disguised as an enemy player, and actually fight as the opposite faction.

When you compete as a mercenary, you’ll still earn all the same rewards you would have by winning or losing as your own faction (with the exception of faction-specific achievements). You’ll also have your race automatically changed into one appropriate for the opposite faction while you’re still inside the Battleground or Ashran. Perhaps most importantly, however, you’ll experience much shorter queue times, as our matchmaking system will be able to fill up groups much quicker!-Cheap wow gold online

What ‘World of Warcraft’ Teaches Us About Motivation

This time, it’s not the game that has people talking, but a movie based on the fantasy series. The movie’s trailer is set to premiere at the conference Saturday, July 11, and the film hits theaters next year.

The adventures of the Alliance and the Hordes might not seem like typical research material. However, given the smashing success of the game, Yulia Nevskaya, PhD, assistant professor of marketing at Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis; and Paulo Albuquerque, PhD, associate professor of marketing at the international business school INSEAD, found World of Warcraft gamers’ behavior to be the perfect foundation to help identify the type of motivation underlying video-gaming and understanding why it is so popular.

“We were thinking along the lines of extrinsic-intrinsic motivation,” Nevskaya said. “If an individual needs an external reward of some kind to perform an activity, we say she is extrinsically motivated. However, if she does what she does for the sake of that activity alone, she is intrinsically motivated.”

The study looked at gaming sessions of almost 1,000 randomly selected anonymous gamers. The data available to researchers showed when gamers logged in to play a game, when they progressed to the next level in a game, and when they got a “tangible” reward, such as a new sword or a virtual pet. By analyzing the timing of earning rewards against the timing of logging in and out of a game, the authors were able to classify each gamer as being mostly extrinsically or intrinsically motivated.

Researchers found about 20 percent of the gamers were highly motivated by the pure pleasure of exploring and interacting in the fantasy environment of the game-they were intrinsically motivated. The remaining 80 percent were more responsive to in-game extrinsic rewards that they earned during play.

“As such, by strategically managing the size and timing of those extrinsic rewards, a game developer can effectively manage gamers’ motivation to play the game,” Nevskaya said.

As a result of the study, the authors developed a model that can help companies develop optimal rewards schedules to maximize consumer engagement with games and similar types of products.-Buy cheap wow gold online

‘World of Warcraft’ Trailer or Gameplay Footage Arriving This Weekend

Fans of “World of Warcraft” are looking forward to this year’s Comic-Con event, which commences this week in San Diego, Calif., as it was announced that participants will be able to get first dibs on the film adaptation of the popular video game.

The confirmation came from Legendary Pictures, which is behind the movie’s production. Their schedule for Comic-Con 2015 was shared on Entertainment Weekly ahead of the event. The “World of Warcraft” panel will be presenting on Saturday, July 11, at the Hall H of the venue. Fans are to expect a “big public unveiling,” which many assume to be the full trailer of the movie.

Two years ago, Legendary Pictures together with Blizzard Entertainment briefly teased participants at the Comic-Con with a short clip of what was to come in the “Warcraft” movie. The sizzle reel never made its way online and was only reported by those who were on the panel, as per Comic Book Movie. This time, however, the trailer is expected to hit the Internet after the huge reveal this Saturday. It’s already making fans particularly giddy with excitement as this has been a long time coming.

The movie, simply called “Warcraft,” was first announced to be in development back in a press release in 2006. However, filming officially started only in 2014. After the filming was wrapped, Legendary Pictures announced that the movie will finally open in theaters in June 2016, according to IGN. That’s 10 years after the public learned of it.

Even though the film won’t be out until next year, there are already rumors that a sequel or possibly a trilogy is in the works.

“I know that my job in this first film is to establish certain characters, places and culture while telling a story that a broad audience can be excited by! Hopefully, if I have done my job right, people will want to know and see more! There is certainly plenty more to tell!” said the director to 2p when he was asked if the movie is slated to become a three-parter.-Cheap wow gold online

World of Warcraft: Why do I keep going back?

Last year World of Warcraft turned 10 years old. That’s a huge milestone for any game that relies on paid subscriptions to fuel its growth. I joined up about 8 years ago, so I’m by now one of the Vanilla crew but I know my way around the game and I’ve invested a great deal of time into it as well as a huge amount of money. I was thinking about the vast expense that World of Warcraft has caused me that led me to the question: why do I still keep paying for it?

Monthly subscriptions for games are dying out. Plain and simple. The payment model just doesn’t suit the modern gamer, let alone the modern gaming market. There are constantly new IP’s being released as well as countless re-masters and sequels to already popular titles. With so much choice and variation of game out there the modern gamer doesn’t want to be tied into having to pay a fee each month just to log in even after shelling out for the game in the first place.

So my first thought was “am I just clinging to the past?” Well, yes and no. Whilst I do still recount tales of my first adventures in Warcraft I don’t completely rely on them to justify the subscription. It’s an ever evolving game set in an ever expanded world. Blizzard, despite what you may read on various forums and message boards, always tries to innovate and explore new ground when it comes to presenting content in the game. Take a look at how the story element to The Burning Crusade was presented and compare it to that of Cataclysm, look at the way questing was dealt with in Mists of Pandaria and compare it to Warlords of Draenor. So in terms of clinging to the past, I don’t think that’s the case as the game remains relevant to me today.

I think it all comes down to the world itself. I’m a sucker for stories in games and in World of Warcraft there are so many stories. There’s the huge over arching story that’s taking place throughout each expansion but then there are thousands of little stories in the many many quest lines and beyond that there are stories you make yourself, adventures with people and situations you find yourself in and while you can say “yeah but all MMO’s have that”, the fact is I’ve seen all of these stories, I’ve been a part of them and I’m ready to be part of the next ones. I think the reason I keep playing World of Warcraft is because I’ve been in it for so long now. There are elements of story telling that are better in The Old Republic, there are PvP elements like world versus world that Guild Wars 2 really gets right and there are visuals that The Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV have that are gorgeous. But none of them are home to me. The time I’ve invested and the experiences I’ve got out of it are worth the subscription for me and while that may not fit with the opinion of many of my fellow Warcraft players it’s enough for me.


Fan gives World of Warcraft’s visuals an Unreal Engine 4 makeover

World of Warcraft has a unique visual style-colourful, chunky, but not what you’d call a ‘looker’-that’s dictated in part by the fact that the game is more than ten years old. But have you ever wondered what it would look like if it was made in, say, 2014 instead of 2004? Wonder no more, friend, because YouTube user Daniel Luchau has recreated the Elwynn Forest area using the Unreal Engine 4, and the results are impressive, as you can see.

In the video, which was picked up on by Business Insider, Luchau says that this is still an early build, and he’s working on a number of elements including proper LOD for trees and shadows for the entire scene, reflections, addressing pop-ins, improving wood textures, and reducing light intensity to help with both over and under-exposure. Beyond that, he hopes to complete the rest of zone, and in the “far future” would like to do Duskwood and Westfall as well, and release them all for VR platforms.

When it comes to MMOs, I don’t think visual fidelity is a make-or-break feature (the long-term success of World of Warcraft in its aged format is proof of that), but a little extra pretty doesn’t hurt, either. Do you dream of exploring an Azeroth that looks like this?