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World of Warcraft: Legion Set to be Released By Q2 or Q3 This Year

Kotaku previous spotted a leaked screenshot which appears to be for World of Warcraft: Legion. The leaked photo shows a new feature, a Wardrobe tab. The upcoming ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ will also increase the level of the game to level 110.

We know that the upcoming World of Warcraft: Legion’ will have a feature that will allow players to change the aesthetic of their gears, however until now we still don’t have any idea how it would look like.

However Kotaku was able to spot a video of the UI of the ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’s wardrobe. The video has since been deleted, but Kotaku was able to get a screenshot of it.

What’s so significant from this photo; is that previously you keep your cosmetic gear in Void Storage, or in your bag, but the upcoming ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ will have a wardrobe tab-which is like the Toy Box and Heirloom items. It’s a better user experience, where gamers will easily keep track of their looted items during a journey-whether it’s cosmetic or anything smaller.

It’s still a long way until ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’s release so expect more stuff for the upcoming expansion.

‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ is set to be released on Q2 or Q3 of 2016, for now players are enjoying its Alpha version.World of Warcraft US

Game Rewards from World of Warcraft 11th Anniversary to Offer for the Fans

buy cheap wow gold  From the “World of Warcraft’s” 11th anniversary, their fans and gamers were taken to a trip down memory lane, a somewhat the same offering from their last year’s anniversary. Instead of an event that rolls up some old battlefields and the normal domains of this game, it seems to have become conventional in nature.

But then, for every gamer who remains a fan of this game, he or she must be included in this WoW 11th anniversary. It appears that every MMO anniversary comes with a gift that is quite trivial, given this, with the “World of Warcraft’s” 11th anniversary gift, no one will ever be disappointed.

Blizzard offers a batch of gifts that consist of fewer charge-cosmetic products. The gamers are also expected to find special wands that come with Murloc and Gnoll disguises whenever they log in to the game. The famous Thunderfury blade is also present with the cosmetic form of the armor of Edwin Vancleef, Tech Times reported.

An 11% experience boost will be provided by piece de resistance is going to offer 11% of experience boost. This, however, won’t change a number of things in this game for a lot of players. Although, it is expected to include a huge buff for gamers who are slowly climbing up Level 100, iDigital Times reported.

It seems like this 11th anniversary is not going to modify the game for their fans, yet, due to the fact that this game remains strong, even after a long time, it should be good enough for everyone to rejoice and celebrate.

Log on to your “World of Warcraft” account if you want to take part in this celebration, between the days of 16th until the 30th of November.

Meantime, there is a forthcoming expansion for “World of Warcraft” Legion in September of 2016.

Blizzard Reveals Rewards For World of Warcraft 11th Anniversary

The 10th anniversary of anything is hard to follow up. A decade is such a huge milestone, one that most people hold in extremely high regards. The 11th anniversary, not so much-it just doesn’t hold that same level of esteem as its predecessor.

With World of Warcraft, it’s no different: compared to last year’s nostalgia trip, the MMO’s 11th Anniversary celebration is relatively tame. It’s far more traditional than opening up classic raids or old battlegrounds-that being said, World of Warcraft’s 11th Anniversary is something that anyone still playing the game should try and be a part of.

Let’s be honest: most MMO anniversary gifts are pretty small, and World of Warcraft’s 11th anniversary gifts don’t exactly break the mold. For the most part, Blizzard’s latest batch of gifts are limited-charge cosmetic items: upon logging in, players will find special wands with Murloc and Gnoll disguises waiting for them in their mailbox, along with a cosmetic version of Edwin Vancleef’s armor and the legendary Thunderfury blade.

The piece de resistance is an 11% experience boost-while it won’t change the game for most players, it’s still a sizeable buff for anyone still making their way towards Level 100.

True, World of Warcraft’s 11th Anniversary celebration doesn’t change the game, but the fact that WoW is still going after more than a decade is more than enough of a reason to celebrate-even if it’s just with an inflatable sword.

For anyone who wants in on the festivities, all you have to do is log into your WoW account sometime between Nov. 16 and Nov. 30. World of Warcraft’s next major expansion, simply titled Legion, is due out sometime in September 2016.   Cheap wow gold online

WildStar-Powerleveling Through Battlegrounds

Buy cheap wildstar gold  WildStar offers multiple ways to advance your level and work your way to the top, one of which is through PvP, with battlegrounds opening up at level 6. And while games differ on how effective battlegrounds are in terms of leveling up quickly, WildStar has really done things right, making PvP not only viable, but on par with PvE content, effectively fostering a system where you really do have a choice. Let’s take a look at what helps make it tick, and what to expect-especially from a low-level standpoint.

A great thing about PvP is that you gain experience from both kills themselves and from finishing the match. Along with this, you get credit for all kills-not just those that you helped out with. While there aren’t a lot of kills in a given match, they do grant a lot of experience. Some at level 13, for example, can grant 2% or more, with the average being around 1%.

An issue present in a lot of games is that if you level only through PvP, you end up being at a disadvantage gear-wise when compared to others that spend their time doing quests and farming items. With WildStar, there are PvP-specific vendors all over that sell everything from gear, to add-ons, and even consumables.

The downside of all of this is that PvP can get a little monotonous. The matches are pretty similar because of one big pitfall: killing players takes a long time. As a direct example of this, a fresh level 6 player can have the entire enemy team pounding on them (10v1) and still live through 30-60 seconds of this beating before finally dying. In smaller skirmishes, it’s not at all uncommon for a battle to last multiple minutes before anyone dies, leading to what sometimes feels like a battle of futility.

The final aspect here is that you end up trading leveling speed in return for a lack of lore. PvP is just what it is-players fighting amongst each other. Each of the zones within WildStar have their own stories, NPCs with various quests that each help add some more life to the game, and dungeons to enter. For players that are wanting to experience the game as they progress, seeing everything it has to offer, this is a bad route to take for a first character. On the other hand, it’s possible to level up through PvP quickly, then go back and do any content you missed out on, though this defeats the purpose of trying to level fast to begin with (since you would otherwise level while progressing through content regardless).

World of Warcraft: Legion Prominent in Early BlizzCon 2015 Schedule

Thousands of Blizzard fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of 2015’s BlizzCon, the holy site of all things Diablo, StarCraft and Warcraft. Less than a month stands between now and the November 6-7 event and Blizzard is wrapping up their final details. Today the schedule for BlizzCon 2015 was published and soon removed, listing panels, presentations and contests aplenty. Perhaps there are a few surprises hidden in the schedule too.

As for what isn’t surprising, World of Warcraft’s next big expansion, Legion, is looking like the star of the show. An hour and a half long “World and Content Overview” presentation for Legion fills the much vaunted slot directly after the BlizzCon 2015 opening ceremony. Three more panels and presentations for World of Warcraft will follow over the next 48 hours for a total of four and a half hours of Legion delight. None of Blizzard’s other properties will command as much attention this BlizzCon. Not too surprising considering previous expansion Warlords of Draenor increased subscription rates by over 4 million users before peaking over 10 million.

That doesn’t mean Blizzard’s other franchises will go ignored, however. Both Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II will each have three events during the convention. Hearthstone and Blizzard’s in-development shooter Overwatch come next with two events each. That leaves poor Diablo III with only a single “Dev Talk” panel at BlizzCon. Perhaps speculation that the game’s next expansion could be revealed is premature?

From an outside perspective, the hype for BlizzCon this year is surprisingly tame. Expansions for both World of Warcraft and StarCraft II are interesting, but perhaps not showstopping. Overwatch is highly anticipated, but Blizzard doesn’t typically prize or market beta events-if a beta is even revealed this year. That leaves room for either a huge, surprise announcement or the void that the lack of an announcement would leave.

What should fans expect from BlizzCon 2015? Do they have an announcement hidden away? Do they need one?BlizzCon 2015 is scheduled to begin on November 6 and run through the next day in Anaheim, California.   Cheap wow gold online

World of Warcraft Gets New 3D Printing Partner with FabZat

FabZat today announced its partnership with FigurePrints as the exclusive European provider of 3D printing for the World of Warcraft franchise. FabZat will now provide players with access to unique 3D printed figures from the world’s most popular subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Starting today, European players will be able to design, customize and order unique 3D figures from directly inside the game to be shipped anywhere quickly in the EU through FabZat’s services.

Florent Pitoun, FabZat CEO and co-founder, said: “We provide EU fans of the World of Warcraft franchise with customizable on-demand 3D printing of the characters they love from the game. And, we provide this service in full-color sandstone using 3D Systems’ CJP technology to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to customers. It’s this focus on quality and attention to detail that has made us the preferred choice for industry-leading game publishers.”

Ed Fries, FigurePrints CEO, said: “We’re focused on enabling players to bring their World of Warcraft characters to life, and now we can offer a greater level of service through our partnership with FabZat. After reviewing several European companies in this space, we felt that FabZat would be the right partner due to their outstanding reputation for fast delivery times, unmatched quality and seamless import experience.”

For over 3 years, FabZat has fine-tuned its 3D printing approach using a proprietary formula of chemical hardeners, inks for the best rendering, and varnishing specially designed for sandstone materials. Through this approach and commitment to best-in-class entertainment figurines, FabZat has developed a 3D printing process that is unmatched in the industry. Developers can monetize their games by easily integrating FabZat’s solution for on-demand 3D printing and in-app merchandising through a state-of-the-art shop plugin for iOS, Android, and Unity, along with Facebook, Web and PC gaming support.   Cheap wow gold online

‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ Expansion Pack to Entice New Players

Buy wow gold instant delivery     Blizzard Entertainment has laid down the groundwork for its major effort to arrest the significant drop in the subscriptions that its massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) “World of Warcraft” experienced at the start of the year. It is obvious that the game developer has set its sight on recovering lost gamer subscription even as it strives to entice new ones in the process.

One of its immediate initiatives towards such end is to release updates or patches to the game, meant to bring new features and improve the game further. Blizzard released Patch 6.2.0 officially titled “Fury of Hellfire” on June 23 which contained Tanaan Jungle and the Shipyard and provided players with a host of new gameplay options.

Some fans thought that “Prepare for Flying” was to be the game’s Patch 6.2.1, but it turned out that those were just wishful thinking as it seems that Blizzard Entertainment have skipped the update.

On September 1, the game developer released Patch 6.2.2 officially titled “Draenor Pathfinder: Prepare for Flying,” giving gamers who already have the Draenor Pathfinder achievement to take the skies of Draenor, notes the World of Warcraft website.

The update is now available for testing on the Public Test Realms (PTR) where gamers who shall take part will be able to try out the patch before it makes it to the live realms. They can also provide feedback so that Blizzard Entertainment can take note of those to further improve the patch and make the game really entertaining.

Wildstar free-to-play release date revealed

Carbine Studios has announced WildStar will officially go free-to-play on September 29.

The business model conversion comes alongside the biggest update poised to hit the game yet, with new content, revamped loot and stats, and a heck of a lot of quality-of-life improvements.

The studio is also stressing a streamlined starting experience for those new to the game or put off the first time round, alongside a loyalty program for its veteran players.

A closed beta for the new business model is still ongoing, with a second phase starting imminently to make sure the economic aspects of the game are ready for the shift, alongside the already-tested gameplay modifications. Any current subscriber can access the beta now, otherwise intrigued players can register interest now.

You can learn more about Wildstar in our review where we said that the game is both “rewardingly, brutally hard,” but still varied enough that there’s something for everyone.   Buy cheap wildstar gold

World of Warcraft subscriber numbers dropping at record rate

It’s financial report season! Hooray! I may yet have cause to don the Gordon Gekko braces. It was mixed news from Activision’s quartlerly, though. While overall profit and revenue figures were stratospherically high-as you’d expect from the publisher of Hearthstone, Destiny and Heroes of the Storm-the report revealed poor old WoW is enduring its lowest subscriber base since 2006.

At an estimated 5.6 million players, it still boasts a larger population than Norway, Singapore, or New Zealand. But as recently as six months ago that number was around 10 million, bolstered by the release of the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

The 44% dropoff in subsribers since then marks the fastest decline since the game was released back in 1918. Time really flies by, doesn’t it?

Activision are unlikely to be too worried about WoW’s recent decline, though. The combined user base of their Destiny, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm active communities is around 70 million players. Not bad, considering two of those three are F2P titles.

The upcoming Legion expansion may well inject a bit of life back in the old MMO, too. The beta’s due later this year-in the meantime, here’s everything we know about WoW’s Legion expansion.   Best MMO game sites online – http://www.6kgm.com

Fly Over The World of Warcraft on a Gryphon in Amazing 360-Degree Video

Following its launch as a virtual reality app last week, Legendary Pictures has now released a YouTube version of an amazing 360-degree video that lets you fly over Azeroth on the back of mythic gryphon.

It’s of course meant to promote Legendary’s upcoming fantasy movie Warcraft, based on the Blizzard Entertainment’s juggernaut gaming franchise. Specifically, the city you’re flying over is Stormwind.

The new YouTube version supports YouTube 360 (on Chrome only), allowing you to use the directional tools to look in any direction you want. Be sure to do that as the video unfolds for the biggest impact.

Star Wars studio Industrial Light & Magic, which is providing the effects shots for Warcraft, developed the Azeroth video through its xLAB division.

Warcraft hits theaters in June 2016, and could be followed up by two sequels. In other recent news about the movie, director Duncan Jones has confirmed that the first trailer will be released this fall.-Cheap wow gold online sell