Steam large area abnormal logon “Jedi survival” national service binding move

Today, an exception occurs in Steam third party login authorization, resulting in a login error for all websites that require Steam account binding login. Steam account login SteamCN forum, but also appeared Login error prompt. At present, many of the sites in the move are Twitter announcements or responses to remind users that the current login is abnormal.

National service “Jedi survival” official website also announced today that due to the instability of the external third-party interface, some veterans may encounter in the binding process load timeout, connect to the server failed to log in, suggesting the wrong password and other anomalies . Only after the third-party overseas interface resumes stability, can you try to bind again.
Veteran boarding activities binding announcement
Dear veterans:
Due to the unstable situation of third-party interfaces overseas, some veterans may encounter abnormalities such as timeout of loading, failure of connecting to the server, login failure, wrong password, etc. during the binding process.
Veteran binding will continue to open until the third-party overseas interface to stabilize, you can try to bind again.
You can also leave QQ and mobile phone reservation, binding function back to normal, we will inform you the first time via SMS. All information subject to the official announcement, please do not believe in personal information or other tripartite platform false binding information.
Currently, the veteran data has been successfully completed binding, benefits will not be affected.
In addition, regardless of whether you have completed the veterans boarding, you can make a reservation national dress closed beta, the future you can get a national dress out of print custom T-shirt, a more chance to participate in closed beta, invite buddy appointment and additional gifts.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused to everyone. Thank you once again for “Jedi survival,” the concern, love and support!