FIFA 18 Ultimate Team to Improve Previous Connectivity Woes

FIFA final team should be your video game football skills and understanding of the real test. In most cases, it is proven to be a test of the Internet connection – not your opponent’s test. Disconnected, extensive lag, server problems – all of which would damage your version of the extreme football team’s fantasies about others.

However, according to EA SPORTS’s response to Dream Team, this will improve in FIFA 18. Game producer Sam Rivera promised that his crew provided adequate attention and seriousness to the connection problem.

As to why they put these efforts on the network: they are ambitious. FIFA’s events are increasingly related to the public image of the game, especially as the team takes over the high-level players and represents the team on the digital lawn. Players like Paris Saint-Germain and FC Schalke may also place their jersey on FIFA 17 players because they are the stars of the league, and is expected to continue through FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 will be released on September 29, 2017. It will come to each platform – PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. No version of the Frostbite engine will also come out of the Nintendo switch.



FIFA 18 Clubs, League And National Teams Have Confirmed The Game

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FIFA 18 clubs, league and national teams will be played in the game, already released online, showing a variety of different combinations of Xbox One, Playstation 4 that will appear in a variety of game modes later this year. And PC.

FIFA is a global business, almost every country has participated in the organization, from a variety of football clubs, all kinds of football league to participate in various international competitions of the national team, there will be a large number of different groups.

FIFA 18 clubs range from a total of more than 650 different players and 30 league teams from around the world. These range range from Argentina, Italy, the Netherlands, France and other places, to Spain, Scotland, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

With all these different soccer teams and leagues entering the main race, FIFA 18’s ultimate team pattern is definitely fun because you will have a lot of different players to choose to make you think the best possible team

You can also choose your favorite football club while playing the game’s career mode. So even if you choose a not a good team, through good play and good leadership, you may be able to make them one of the most famous clubs in the world.

If you want to see yourself all the different FIFA 18 clubs, league and national teams, you can follow this link. During this time, you have to wait a long time until September 29 until you can play FIFA 18 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 or PC. In addition to all these clubs, the game will also show Cristiano Ronaldo, which is FIFA 17 “journey” continuation.


EA Will Resume College Football In This Year’s Madden 18, But Will Not Resume Full Support

Texas Longhorn and Oregon Ducks are revealed as part of the new Longshot story mode feature, and you can see the role you play as an NFL potential customer through the draft.

Longshot included in Madden 18 will be the first story mode for the NFL franchise game.Game executive producer Seann Graddy revealed that Polygon decided to include the real team in the past after canceling other existing champions.The new story pattern revolves around Wade’s quest for the glory of the NFL and will include several key roles throughout the new experience.

Cut: played by Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali, who was once a great athlete, he devoted himself to Devin, and their passion for football.

COLT CRUISE: Scott Porter initiated, this happy lucky clown is a very loyal friend, care about the same as the NFL like shooting themselves.

Denmark Marino: Marino is one of the greatest quarterback of all times, as a tutor of German, does not always follow the rules.Madden 18 release date has been released on August 25 in PS4 and Xbox One.




PES 2018 Demo Release Date Confirmed As Beta


PES 2018 demo release date has been confirmed by Konami for PS4 and Xbox One, they also said more in the PC and FIFA 18 competition.

The PES 2018 demo is usually a popular release that allows players to try limited teams and game modes.

It seems that this year will be different.

The PES demo usually appears before the competitor’s FIFA 18 version, and this year’s fans seem to start experimenting as early as possible.

The PES 2018 beta test starts at 8:00 am on Thursday, July 20 until Wednesday, July 31 at 3 am and will include the following pattern:

Included modes:
Fast match
Online CO-OP

In an interview with Shacknews, PES on behalf of Adam Bhatti revealed that the team plans to launch the game beta.








FIFA 18 Story Mode Has Co-operatives And Cristiano Ronaldo

Everyone in the football world is talking about Alex Hunter, from the pioneer of the experts to Ronaldo himself.
In the story of the upcoming game, FIFA 17 head of Alex Hunt is dealing with the importance of fame, because everyone wants to know what his next step will be.

GameInformer article extends the new features of the story mode. Although the hunter is still a star, but you can on the basis of each game with friends to play the story mode. The world will be expanded to include new characters and real world players, you can use a variety of cosmetics, from shoes, pants, tights and tattoos to customize your hunter.

The story mode will be divided into six chapters, each chapter has its own goals, and will be in the global range from Brazil to the country. You can also save in the FIFA 17, your personality and trophy will be represented in the new event.



FIFA 18 Announced The Limit Team Icon


A few months did not make sense of football,  some civil attempts to fill the vacancy by exciting in the next FIFA game.

This summer, we have learned that Ronaldo are in the new game occupies a prominent position. While Cristiano is the cover of the game star, the World Cup champion has been added to the game as one of its icons.Now, EA Sports in the latest announcement revealed in the game Ultimate Team mode appears in the name of the other four icons.

Pele will join R9 on FIFA 18, and the great Diego Maradona in South America will join. Legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin will also appear in the final team mode, Arsenal also like Thierry Henry.

EA Sport promises to announce the names of more icons in the coming days and weeks, and the legendary features will only be available for Ultimate Team players on the Xbox after the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Madden 18 Will Launch A New Story Mode Called Longshot

EA Sports released the Madden story mode premiere of the trailer, called “Longshot”. There is not much detail in the trailer, but the story looks promising. Such a new feature allows fans to enjoy.

EA sports website wrote: “After three years after the start of the game, played the role of the first five-star high school quarterback Devin Wade, he finally shot and heard his name is NFL draft day.

The actors of the game include the Oscar winner Mahr Salad Ali and Miami Dolphin legend Dan Marino, “as Wade’s mentor, but not always obey the rules.”

Madden 18 will be released on August 25.







2K has announced NBA 2K18 will be released on September 19

2K has announced NBA 2K18 will be released on September 19 on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Plus, it has been announced that the NBA 2K18 Legend Edition will have Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal on the cover.

In the Legend Edition you’ll receive plenty of Shaq content, including a poster, Panini trading cards, and stickers. You’ll also receive in-game items like 100,000 NBA 2K18 virtual currency and 20 weekly MyTEAM packs.

There’s also the Legend Edition Gold, which gives you all that comes with the Legend Edition, plus a Lenticular, more trading cards, 250,000 mt coins, 40 packs, and more.

Legend Edition will cost $100, and Legend Edition Gold will cost $150, and they’ll be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The physical edition of Legend Edition Gold will be available exclusively at GameStop.

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