Kick Off 2015 with FIFA 15 New Year’s Open FUT Tournament

EA Sports FIFA 15 Ultimate New Year’s Open FUT tournament kicks off in just a couple hours! The New Year’s Day tournament is the latest of EA’s FIFA 15 FUTMAS promotions and there will be no special requirements to take part.

The tournament will be broken down into online and offline rewards. Each section will receive its own rewards, with the online portion of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team tournament offering one untradeable rare gold pack, and future winnings of 5,000 coins.

The offline portion, on the other hand, will see players attempting to score one untradeable premium gold jumbo pack, plus future winnings of 3,500 coins. The difficulty for the offline event has been listed as “Professional.” This means the player will be required to have their settings to this difficulty level before being able to win any of the aforementioned prizes in offline mode.

If you boast a wide assortment of skilled players, or your squad has high chemistry, why not put your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team skills to the test? It is unclear of how long the tournament lasts, though, so we strongly suggest you take advantage of everything as quickly as possible.

If you’re going to take part in the New Year’s Open FUT tournament, leave your gamertag below so the FULLFIFA pros can challenge you.