FIFA 18 Story Mode Has Co-operatives And Cristiano Ronaldo

Everyone in the football world is talking about Alex Hunter, from the pioneer of the experts to Ronaldo himself.
In the story of the upcoming game, FIFA 17 head of Alex Hunt is dealing with the importance of fame, because everyone wants to know what his next step will be.

GameInformer article extends the new features of the story mode. Although the hunter is still a star, but you can on the basis of each game with friends to play the story mode. The world will be expanded to include new characters and real world players, you can use a variety of cosmetics, from shoes, pants, tights and tattoos to customize your hunter.

The story mode will be divided into six chapters, each chapter has its own goals, and will be in the global range from Brazil to the country. You can also save in the FIFA 17, your personality and trophy will be represented in the new event.