FIFA 16 Tips: Become a Dead Ball Wizard

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This might sound a bit obvious but to give yourself the best chance of scoring a Power Free Kick make sure to choose a player with both a high shot power and free kick stat. Manchester United’s Memphis Depay and Juventus’ Paul Pogba are examples of players who can slam home a powerful free kick for you. Marco Reus and Lionel Messi are masters of the curled free kick. In order to score a curled free kick, use a player with high curve and free kick stats.

If you don’t happen to have these world beaters in your side then make sure you select your best possible option and give yourself the best chance of scoring. Use a power free-kick if you’re fairly straight on goal and make sure you choose a left-footed player to shoot from the left and right-footed player from the right. A good power indicator is making sure that you have three powers bars from 25 yards out and more if you’re further away and aim towards the post of slightly inside, if the wall hasn’t moved use the last defender as a guide.

Shoot with a curled free-kick if you’re fouled from an angle, use a right-footed player if left of the goal and a left-footed player if kicking from the right. With the right footed player aim two players right of the wall and use around two bars of power if 25 yards out and adjust accordingly if closer of further away.

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