In some pretty big news, the team of the week that is scheduled to come out within the next few hours may have just been leaked, and from what is seen here, it may be one of he best one’s in all of FIFA.

Off the bat the first thing I notice is that there is a 96 rated Cristiano Ronaldo in-form this week, definitely a card that was warranted considering he scored a whopping 5 goals. Another immediate shock and wow card I saw is that of Blaise Matuidi, who has his SIF card, which will probably be one of the best French midfielders outside of Pogba.

Then the striker is shown, and both of them will be extremely good, for starters you have 84 rated Hulk in-form, and it’s a position change as well since he’s gone from a RW to a striker in-form. He’s got a great card already, having him be a striker in a Brazilian squad is just too good. He will be one of the more coveted players this week simply because he’s a Brazilian striker with high pace and shooting.

After that, even some of the lower rated players look to be phenomenal. First one is Ricardo Rodriguez, who’s my favorite left-back over both Alaba and Alba in the game. His inform will be insane! Ricardo Quaresma and Ander Herrera will both have some tidy informs, and Quaresma will be underrated to many, he will be a cheap buy but will play like a dream, make sure to check him out.

Not sure how I feel about Jagielka and Mathieu in the team of the week, but Mathieu could be the hidden gem because he’ll have high pace with good defensive stats alongside being very tall, if you couldn’t afford IF Pique the other week, Mathieu is your guy for a tall solid CB. De Sanctis is alright, but isn’t one of my more reliable picks and will be the least coveted inform by far.

Good luck with packs this week! It’s going to be a good week!