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Mmobeys Runescape gets online card game to rival Hearthstone

Watch out Hearthstone, Jagex is working hard on an online card game based on the long-running Runescape franchise they are calling Chronicle: Runescape Legends. Chronicle is adapting the widely popular free-to-play model that Blizzards Hearthstone utilizes that has also been picked up by the Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers online card game. At TwitchCon we were given a demonstration of the new game, and honestly the direction that Jagex went with the game is pretty unique.

Dont be quick to draw conclusions and call Chronicle a Hearthstone knockoff. We asked one of the long-time Runescape developers, Mat Kemp, what Chronicle does to separate itself from the competition. Here is what he had to say: People are going to make that connection, there is no denying that, but its the gameplay that is wildly different. Youll play Hearthstone and youll play Chronicle, and you will see immediately the difference between them and why it plays so different.

From my demo, he is absolutely right. Chronicle is not a typical PvP, in the sense that you sit across from an opponent and take turns wailing on each other. Chronicle is both your champion and the opponents champion working their way through a storybook of five chapters. During the story, you are playing cards to buff your character and trip up the opponent, while they do the same to you. If both characters survive the 5 chapters, the two champions go head to head, and based on your characters level, armor, and remaining health… only one will survive.

The Jagex team is dreaming big with this game, mentioning that they would like to bring this game to the Virtual or Augmented reality space in the future, or even bring it to life in the form or real cards.