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NBA2K18 1.05 upgrade file Content 1.05 upgrade file updated what

Official released today NBA2K18 1.05 upgrade file specific content, this update mainly lies in the game, career and character content above some players feedback problem repair.

Local 4K resolution, 60fps support Added new Xbox One X game console.

– Player action photo was updated to include the player’s new uniform.

In the game, custom shoes are now a higher resolution.

– Authenticity improvement of Clippers, Tottenham and Magic 2017-18 uniforms.

– Authenticity of the New Orleans Hornets’ uniforms for 07-08.

– Fixed XB1 issue, GameDVR did not work for some users.

– Improve user’s audio “pop” by switching users.

– Fixed a problem where armpit hair is shown as a white / gray player on this switch.

– Solved a problem in current online games where the incorrect trophy unlocks as it moves forward.


– Fixed coaching clipboard showing incorrect match of opponent.

– Fixed a problem that allowed players to jump out of the dunk and then jump to another dunk.

– Adjusted free throw frequency, especially for well-positioned and high-grade blockers.

– Fixed a few layups and, in the case of a tall player, often hit the bottom of the rebound

– Fixed a problem on the radio scoreboard and when it reached 0 there was still a short period of time.

– All players’ icons show a 3-zone defense at the time of pause.


– The lineup suggested by the user will no longer be available after reaching 90 and is set in my minute menu.

– Fixed a problem where the VC balance displayed at the end of the NBA game did not show the correct value (although you are actually considered the correct amount).

– A custom shirt was worn while trying to leave the MyCOURT wardrobe.

– Fixed a problem where users could not equip skateboards to their MyPLAYER.

– Solved a problem where users could not equip their MyPLAYER with customized shoes.

MyPLAYER’s headscarf can now be used with his teammates.

– Fixed a case where users could not get into team practice when they decided to switch to another shoe factory after shooting their shoe ad.

– In the 3PT All-Star Game weekend, the game will not be able to make progress.

– MyPLAYER’s headphones should no longer be unintentional when performing nearby actions.

– MyPLAYER accessories will no longer be considered out of gear after a post-NBA post-NBA interview.

– Fixed a problem with a miss 0.0% on the field, occasionally during midfield breaks, causing your coach to give inaccurate suggestions.

– During the game, the opponent team won the conference title in my career.

– Fixed a series of issues surrounding the start and end of the MyCOURT game around other human users

– Fixed a problem, Bryant stopped texting users, because they accepted the due endorsement check.

– Game Changer users can now join other members of the community through their in-game friend application.

– t-shirt voting interface improvements and t-shirt purchase interface.

– Fixed bug where some users could not finish Gatorade’s endorsement after winning 5 games on the playground.

– Fixed a problem that thumbnails do not appear if the user moves too fast between the t-shirt shop and the t-shirt’s voting page.

– Fixed a problem that 2K cameras will not flip in playground games in previous races.

Stabilizing and performance improving NBA 3x events.

– Solved a problem in which timers are not expected to be as expected as in the “dewdrop” event.

– Improve lineup in Ruffles 4 – Pointer Challenge game to ensure that similar gestures protect each other where possible.

– Fixed some situations where users can not join friends’ playgrounds because their names are marked as inappropriate.


– Pro-am’s running sleeve / team experience some improvements.

– Correct VC revenue and balance will be displayed at the end of support am games.

– When they reach elite status, the team can now wear substitute jerseys in support of am’s team.

– Fouled users in Pro am Games can now see the rest of the game.

– Fixed a problem where users who set comment language in Spanish encountered problems in supporting AM games.

– The end of game statistics coverage will now show the correct statistics for those users who fouled team games that support AMD.

– 2K card will now show the correct pro-am running the sleeve statistics.

Wheat field

– Fixed a problem where too many fouls were removed from online MyTEAM games when players made only a small percentage.

– The user can now use any brand of shoes to the historic player.

– Setting your lineups is now easier, because the player’s position is now displayed in the edit lineup interface.

– The total number of points at the end of a MyTEAM game will always show the correct amount.

– Shoes to enhance and add badges will no longer be wrongly applied in the bag and the playoffs.


– Fixed a problem that caused the premiere player to wait for the free agent to end before signing a near-contract.

– Adjusted the quality of the draft classes at the default level to reduce the higher final prospects generated. Ongoing work is ongoing to further improve this work and to better balance the entire curriculum.

– Some improvements to contract editing, including the ability for users to now properly edit contracts for players who have signed contract extensions.

– Fixed an issue where a valid advanced spin can not be loaded in the spin timeline menu.

– The system’s proficiency and the player’s training menu will list the player’s correct lineup.

– Fixed a problem that the portrait of the currently selected staff will not be able to draw after the signing of off-season staff.

2K has announced NBA 2K18 will be released on September 19

2K has announced NBA 2K18 will be released on September 19 on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Plus, it has been announced that the NBA 2K18 Legend Edition will have Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal on the cover.

In the Legend Edition you’ll receive plenty of Shaq content, including a poster, Panini trading cards, and stickers. You’ll also receive in-game items like 100,000 NBA 2K18 virtual currency and 20 weekly MyTEAM packs.

There’s also the Legend Edition Gold, which gives you all that comes with the Legend Edition, plus a Lenticular, more trading cards, 250,000 mt coins, 40 packs, and more.

Legend Edition will cost $100, and Legend Edition Gold will cost $150, and they’ll be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The physical edition of Legend Edition Gold will be available exclusively at GameStop.

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