Biggest World of Warcraft Guild Disbanded

When video games get as popular as they have nowadays, there is a lot of drama involved in them. Communities grow big, they invest a lot of time in the game but everything becomes stale at one point. Some people leave, others stay and the majority who still wants to play the game decides that it’s time to do something new. This is also what happened to the greatest World of Warcraft guild.

The biggest World of Warcraft guild disbanded this week and, if you actually believe it, there are people who are all broken up about it and who have contributed to this becoming an actual piece of news. The guild is named Method, it is based in Europe and its number one priority was raiding. Raiding translates into a great number of players teaming up to take a huge monster or instance in the world, shortly known as a raid.

This guild mostly consisted of players who would look after raid timers, because raids re-appear in the world after a specific period of time, and those who would actually lead large numbers into conquering the raid.

It does not exactly sound impressive at first, but raiding has a large number of variables that need to be considered: number of players that need to be involved, number of classes that are required and timers are not an easy thing either. There are raids that reappear after a few hours, but some appear after one week or so. It is a guild’s priority to have players ready for raids so they can make the best out of them.

The entire raid-guild situation is a rather ambiguous one in games, specifically because MMORPGs nowadays are exactly in between a serious job and a simple game. While there is no actual need to conquer every raid, leaders and invested people crave for competition and they want to achieve as much as possible. But would you get up at 4 AM for a raid in World of Warcraft? They would.

The official leader of Method, nicknamed Sco, founded the guild back in 2005. He is still leading it today and he still wants his guild to be number one, but with the massive number of people leaving World of Warcraft right now, this is going to become a very ambitious endeavor. People basically left because of lack of organization and this really appears to be a thing in video games right now.    Best Wow Gold for Sale