FIFA 16 Guide–How to Print Your Own Team’s Game Cover

EA Sports allows players to print off their favourite Premier League team’s box art to adorn their own copy of FIFA 16. Follow the steps below to feature your club’s home strip on the cover of the game.

Teams available include Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton, Newcastle and many more.

Step One

Head to EA Sports’ official website.

Step Two

Select your team of choice. Unfortunately Manchester United and Arsenal aren’t available.

Step Three

Select the box art corresponding to the platform of which you own the game and print. While FIFA 16’s official cover art is printed on 170gsm gloss art paper, EA recommends that you only use paper that your printer is capable of using.

You can also download digital art of your team’s crest which can be set as a screensaver for your phone or tablet, as well as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter wallpapers.

Two Players Actually Unlocked Every Achievement In World Of Warcraft

There are literally thousands of achievements to unlock in World of Warcraft and, as of now, exactly two players have pulled off that impressive feat.

The folks over at Kotaku stumbled upon this story simply by checking out the WoW achievements page. At present, there are 2,511 achievements available in World of Warcraft that, once unlocked, total a whopping 25,825 achievement points. If you take a gander at the listings, two players have actually reached the top of that mountain, unlocking all of the extra challenges the game has to offer. Also impressive are the eight players that are hot on their heels, with several other just a few achievements off of the mark.

For those of you used to chasing down Achievements on the Xbox or Trophies on the PlayStation, what sets this collection apart is the fact that some of those achievements are astronomically hard to actually get, requiring an untold number of hours of dedication to the game.

As for who these dedicated WoW players are, one is a Russian priest (in the game, not in real life) and a druid from the U.S. Honestly, the U.S. player. They have the exact same score as their companion on Achievement Island but, they will forever be stuck in second place. That’s got to burn just a little.

World of Warcraft Movie Goers Will Get Exclusive Gameplay Bundles

One of the biggest network game “World Of Warcraft” has always had one of the biggest gamer following, it has reached numerous milestones in its lifetime of running, and numerous updates have been given to the game to satiate the every growing player of “World Of Warcraft”. Now that there will be a movie adaptation of the hugely successful “World Of Warcraft”, game developer Blizzard will seemingly ride the wave of the success of the movie.

A forum on Reddit was stirred up when one user posted a screenshot of what seems to be a survey from Blizzard that shows how the developers are considering to offer an exclusive gameplay bundle of “World Of Warcraft”, called “The World Of Warcraft: Ultimate Movie Edition”. Now, Blizzard will not be the first to cash in on a potentially successful material release but it did not seem of Blizzard to do so.

The legitimacy of the screenshot was confirmed by one of the members of Blizzard Customer support who dropped by on the “World Of Warcraft” forum. Other than the news of exclusive game bundles, there have been also new expansions in the game.

Other expansions in “World Of Warcraft” are “Burning Crusade”, “Cataclysm”, “Mists of Pandaria”, and “Warlords of Draenor”. Bad news is the new expansion in the “World Of Warcraft: Legion” will not be included in “The World Of Warcraft: Ultimate Movie Edition”.

FIFA 16 Valentine’s Day Premium Gold Packs Available

Love is in the air and she never plays fair. Fortunately for FIFA 16 gamers, cupid will have us love-struck this weekend with the FUT market.

EA Sports has released seriously discounted Premium Gold Player Packs for this weekend. For a limited time the Premium Gold Players Pack is available for 250 FP/17,500 coins! Players will only be limited to a maximum of 10 packs. As usual, this limited time offer will only be available for Xbox and PS only.

Currently, these Premium Gold Player Packs will run throughout the Valentine’s Day weekend until Monday, February 15th. These packs will no longer be available after 6 PM UK time.

Release Date of World of Warcraft: Legion Set This 2016

World of Warcraft: Legion’s new alpha build seems to be doing fine as Suramar, a new zone in the Broken Isles, though still in early development is looking terrific.

A simpler version of Suramar can be seen in “WarCraft III,” which is the home of the Kaldorei. The place seems to be a mix of Eversong Woods, the Howling Fjord and Draenor’s Shadowmoon Valley.

Testing for upcoming new content for the game continues, which includes a new build deployment on the alpha client.

New models, items, artifact weapons and updated class abilities are part of the latest patch and a plethora of tome items, a unicorn model and spider mount that is highly detailed are all part of the upcoming content.

“World of Warcraft: Legion” has a level cap of 110 and testers who have access to the client, can now reach level 108.

Blizzard’s official post about the “Legion” alpha test, shows three class specializations and three new dungeons are now available for testing. These are Violet Hold, Vault of the Wardens and Neltharion’s Lair.

Players may also test new changes to Subtlety Rogues, Arms Warriors and Restoration Shamans.