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The Series A is the highest level of professional soccer league in the world. In the 1980s and 1990s, the star-studded Series A has many strength team, which was once recognized as the NO.1 football league in the world, known as the “Mini World Cup”. In the FIFA 15 UT, we can gather the powerful players in a squad which comes from the different league. While, how can we build a perfect Series A Squad in FUT? Now, let’s have a try!

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Tévez can play as striker and attacking midfielder. He also represented the Argentina Olympic team join the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, helping the team won the champion as well as won the tournament top scorer with eight goals. His dribbling and controlling technology are extremely well, outstanding balanced capacity are most similar with the Maradona. In FIFA 15, physical fitness is particularly important, he is a very strong striker.

Higuaín is one of Argentina football player who has French nationality, positioning in striker, winger, who played for Real Madrid and other clubs, now playing for Serie A Napoli Football Club and the Argentine national team. He is a quick forward play running off the ball, always appear in the correct position in front of goal. The sensitive positional sense brings a lot of opportunities, if you can grasp these opportunities, you will be able to beat his opponent easily.

Since Vidal joined Juventus is rapidly becoming the main players and help the team win three successive championships in 2012,2013,2014 season. Fast speed, jumping well, accurate passing and excellent shooting can make up for this weakness, we can control him play a lot of good assistance!

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The Best way to Earn FIFA 15 Coins

Football is a standout among the most energizing sports ever. It is an equitably short diversion that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the most recent moment of the amusement. Mmobays FIFA fans do not wait for tournaments just to be indulged with their thrilling sessions. There are characteristic diversions offering fun in surge sessions that you can grant to your footballer friendlies in the neighborhood.

An interchange technique for grabbing FIFA 15 Ultimate gathering Fifa Coins PC is to play all around the season. Aside from those coins given after every redirection, if the player plays and completes a season, coins are adjusted. For this, the player earns a higher amount than that amount gained per game, but still lower compared on a general level.

Now for an amount higher than simply playing games or seasons, winning a number of tournaments allows a player to have a bigger amount of FIFA 15 Ultimate team coins. A player just gets this prize if that player wins the last match. That is why winning tournaments deserves your attention; give your best all the way till the end. Despite the coins ensured in the wake of winning this, one may also get packs.

Players have their points of interest in gaming and these are spoken to as cards. The focal points may incorporate the player’s responsibility for, players and staffs for subtle elements. You require cash to procure these advantages, and additionally you can exchange these resources for expansion your offset of coins.

Furthermore for the last methodology, a player gets cheapest FIFA 15 coins through trading, trading real money for it. This is the most straightforward existing methodology to manufacture an astounding squad you by and large wish for, yet this should be done with several protections for your security. There are numerous individuals offering FIFA 15 coin on account of the developing impact of this gaming. One has to be careful with transacting business with these sellers. Pick what number of coins you will need and battle over the web or on sources that you have, demand referrals, especially with the degree of expense.

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How to Make Coins with Enhancement Method

How could you earn FIFA 15 PS4 coins by enhancement method? First, you should identify the players whose development cards might have much more demand. After you get these normal cards, improve them by at least one of the methods such as increasing the contracts via using contract cards, increasing the morale via using team talk cards, increasing the fitness via using fitness cards, natural morale increasing via placing players in your time in the matches with some positive morale effects, natural fitness increasing via placing player on the reserves or on the bench, modification of the favorite formation and position of the player by using training formation and position cards and temporary modification the attributes of the player via using training cards.

For more cheap FIFA 15 coins profits, the investment to these improvements is better at least 5% below the prices rise that you used to set to the card. Here are some steps to show you how to apply enhancement method in FIFA ultimate team.

First, you should buy the card as cheap as you can. Then apply an improvement to the card with the methods mentioned above. This method will end with the successful sale of those cards you improved at higher prices than the ones you paid at first.

The number of FIFA coins you could make with the method will vary with some factors such as the improvements you added to the specific cards or the managers/players you selected. Once you’ve followed the tips and applied them right you will make more than 10,000 FIFA coins for every card that gets sold.

Enhancement method will give you significant FIFA coins profit while it will require some work to master the method well. To get good FIFA coins profit, you should prepare comfortable budget and study this market well to understand what they’re willing to offer for all of the improvements.

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Someone Will Try to Play FIFA 15 for 48 Straight Hours

In an attempt to set a new world record for the longest video game marathon on a football game, a London man will try to play FIFA 15 for more than 48 straight hours. The current world record is reportedly 48 hours and 5 minutes, but Chris Cook is attempting to play for even longer.

Cook, a community manager at GamePointsNow/GameKeysNow announced today that he will make the record attempt to raise money for the Special Effect charity, an organization that helps people with disabilities through video games.

I’ve been playing FIFA games since they first started way back on the Mega Drive, so couldn’t think of a better way to raise money and awareness for a truly amazing cause,” Cook said in a statement. “As someone who has seen firsthand how gaming can help enhance lives, I could not think of a better charity to lend my support to.

Cook’s attempt at the world record will take place the the gaming-themed Loading Bar in Dalstone, North London between November 5-7. The event is open to the public, where you can make make donations and watch as Cook plays match after match of FIFA 15.

Alternatively, you can donate to Cook’s campaign online through this JustGiving page.

The FIFA 15 world record attempt will be streamed live through Twitch here. The event organizers add that people will have a chance to challenge Cook to a FIFA 15 match throughout the marathon session.

I enjoy FIFA, and have oftentimes played for an hour or two. But I can’t imagine playing for two days straight. What’s your longest gaming marathon? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch the World of Warcraft Arena Championship on Friday

Starting at 12:00 noon PDT on Friday, October 31, the top eight 3v3 Arena teams in the world will kick off the Blizzcon 2014 World of Warcraft Arena Championship at  ESL’s studios in Burbank.

Watch all the action for free in HD here.

Find links to live streams in a dozen languages on our official Tournament site.


12:00 noon PDT – Skill-Capped EU vs. 3 Amigos
1:00 p.m. PDT – Penny for Your Thought vs. Popped CD No Skill
2:00 p.m. PDT – Playing with Fire vs. Death Innovators
3:00 p.m. PDT – Push Push vs. Bleached Bones
4:00 p.m. PDT – Group A: Winner vs. Winner
5:00 p.m. PDT – Group B: Winner vs. Winner

All eight teams will still be alive heading to BlizzCon next week, with Friday’s group winners holding two of the final four spots in the semi-finals.


Opening Weekend Host/Interviewer: Paul “RedEye” Chaloner
BlizzCon Host/Interviewer: Salome “Soe” Gschwind-Penski
Isaac “Azael” Cummings Bentley
Jared “Vhell” Coulston
Josh “Lore” Allen